We all have them. Some are more peculiar than others. I try to remain well balanced with hobbies ranging from jock to geek.


This is my main hobby. I played on a USAV team in Indiana and currently play open-gym volleyball three to four times a week. My skill lies in hitting and blocking. My setting, however, is laughable.

Scuba Diving
While I wish that I went scuba diving three to four times a week, money and location prohibit that dream. I'm a PADI-certified advanced open-water diver. This means that I can dive to 130 feet. I've been down to 120, pealed a raw egg, and watched the pressure hold the yoke in place.

Other Sports
I've gone white-water rafting in two countries and four states; I've skied or snowboarded the Canadian Rockies, US Rockies, and the French Alps; I've had knee surgery from water skiing; I've even sailed a World Cup Winning boat (although it was just for a day, but it's fun to say that I have done so).

Want to Try
Ski diving. Haven't done it yet, but it something I'll "shoot" for at the next "open" opportunity.


I've found all of my great great great grandparents. I've traced some of my lineage back to the 1500s. Here are some important names from my family tree with links to their ancestry:

Late night, I'm a thumb jockey. In real life, I can't bring myself to shoot someone with a rubber band. But get me into a game of Halo or Unreal Championship, and you better watch out for the wave of bullets and grenades that I'll be sending to take your virtual soul.

I only read fiction when I have to. For enjoyment, I usually open up a book on XHTML, Javascript, website usability, or some other geeky IT topic. They also help me fall asleep faster, except for the fact that most of these books weigh several pounds and contain no fewer than 1,000 pages.