Where I've Been

My goal is simple: I wish to visit as many countries as I am old, and stay current. I'm also trying to visit all 50 states and seven continents. For the states, all I have left to visit is Montana.

Regarding my international travel, I'm ahead of schedule. There are still plenty of places for me to visit, as you will see if you view a list of my goals in the where I'm going section.

The most difficult part about maintaining an accurate list of countries visited is that they often change names, split, or get absorbed by a larger country. For example: I visited West Germany and East Germany when they were separate nations. I have since returned now that they are a single nation. While I list each individual visit below, I average my visits by counting Germany as only two countries.

This list is much easier since I have visited all but Montana.

Visited: Asia, Europe, North America, & South America
Not Visited: Africa, Antarctica, & Australia